Here is a list of some of the books and articles that I have used in these pages. Collecting puzzles has proven to be quite an education. Not only are there books and articles about puzzles but, the first puzzles were made from maps, so I read a book on maps. Mapmaking turns out to have quite a history, solving the problems of determining longitude and latitude, so I read books on clock making and astronomy, I even got a telescope and spent a lot of time in my backyard at night. While trying to learn how to guess at a puzzle's age, I read books on lithography and printing. As I started to restore puzzles, I had to buy a scrollsaw and some more books and more time at night, not under the stars, but out in the garage. Heck, I even had to read two books on Web Pages in order to create this site. Now I am spending my nights in front of a computer!

* You may be able to purchase some of these items from Anne Williams.

Required Reading

Williams, Anne D. The Jigsaw Puzzle Piecing Together A History ,
Berkley Books, 2004
-- Hot off the presses and sure to be a collector's item!
Williams, Anne D. Jigsaw Puzzles An Illustrated History and Price Guide,
-- a must have!
Hannas, Linda The English Jigsaw Puzzle 1760 to 1890 ,
Wayland Ltd, 1972
-- another must have!
Shefrin, Jill Such Constant Affect ionate Care,
Cotsen Occaisonal Press, 2003
-- Lady Charlotte Finch used "Dissected Maps" to instruct a future king.
-- Did Mme de Beaumont invent the jigsaw puzzle?
Tyler, Tom British Jigsaw Puzzles of the 20th Century,
Richard Dennis,1997
-- you could live without this, but you'd be missing a very good book.
A membership in the AGPC
-- for access to all of the great research published in The Game & Puzzle Collectors Quarterly

Additional Resources

McCann, Chris Master Pieces The Art History Of Jigsaw Puzzles,
Collectors Press,1998
-- a picture book of cardboard puzzles, good info on artists, scant info on puzzles
Shefrin, Jill Neatly Dissected for the Instruction of Young Ladies and Gentlemen,
Cotsen Occaisonal Press, 1999
-- John Spillsbury and Early Dissected Puzzles
Hannas, Linda The Jigsaw Book,
Dial Press, 1981
-- celebrating two centuries of jigsaw puzzling around the world
Sabin, Francene & Louis The One, The Only, The Original Jigsaw Puzzle Book, Henry Regnery, 1977
-- "1. Jigsaw puzzles -Anecdotes,facetiae,satire,etc" -- hard to tell if there are any serious parts or real facts
Life Speaking of Pictures,
July 10, 1944 pp12-14
-- a nice article on Par Puzzles
Fortune The Mechanics of A Craze,
April 1933 p76
-- one page on the puzzle craze of the early 1930s
Boys Life These Jigsaw Puzzles,
March 1933, pp16,49
-- a how-to for young men
Wolkomir, Richard The 'Rolls-Royce of puzzles' drives its fans round the bend,
Smithsonian magazine, May 1990 pp104-113
-- nice article on Stave puzzles and on puzzles in general
Smith, Linda Joan Playful Pieces,
Country Home magazine, December 1988 pp115-119,142
-- a nice article featuring puzzles from Anne Williams' collection

Extra Credit Reading

Martin, Rich & Charlotte Vintage Illustration,
Collectors Press 1997
-- if you want to know who painted the picture for your puzzle, look here
Marzio, Peter C.The Democratic Art Pictures for a 19th-Century America,
David R. Godine, 1979
-- all about chromolithography and another artwork resource
Senefelder, Alois The Invention of Lithography,
E. A. Fleischmann, 1817
-- my copy is a 1911 translation of the original German, a good read!